Altrincham Library Install

Recently opened Altrincham library were looking to enhance their new building with a number of display solutions and approached MTS Live to help them deliver their vision.

Three meeting spaces separated by airwall required cooperative learning solutions that enabled users to wirelessly share content to a main screen. In addition, the capacity to turn the three meeting rooms into one large space was required – including the ability to share content from the main screen across each of the independent screens.

Two digital signage displays were spec’d to display content delivered by Council-supplied Asus Chromebit’s – one within the library space and a second to display through an exterior window onto a nearby pedestrianised area. Two further interactive portrait displays were required as a digital catalogue for clients and a projector solution was required for the kids space.

After an initial consultation and design, MTS Live worked alongside Trafford council to make sure that the design fitted and was within the Council’s available budget constraints.

4K LCD Screens

MTS predominantly specified commercial Samsung displays that meant the Library had peace of mind that the screens were designed for commercial use whilst delivering fantastic quality at an affordable price. The displays were specified to deliver 4K resolutions – ensuring the longevity of the solution to any future development in content technology.

The projector solution specified was a Casio Ultra-short throw laser projector – which enhanced the offering by helping to meet energy-efficient targets as well as eliminating the requirement for expensive lamp changes.

As the meeting room could either be split into three individual spaces or be used as one large meeting space, a centralised distribution point was required to allow users to display content on all screens at once whilst still maintaining local display control for individual room setups. Several wireless collaboration tools were considered before concluding that the best option was the Mersive Solstice pod solution. Each room’s own display had a 4-user pod whereas the larger screen allowed for maximum collaboration by implementing an unlimited user pod.

The exterior-facing display solution required an in-depth look into the available space in the window and checking of the specification of a number of high-brightness solutions. Timescales were also a major factor – with several solutions arriving too late for the installation to happen on time. After consideration, an NEC high-brightness display was specified.

Installation Challenges

The installation of the display solutions had a small timeframe within which to get delivered – right between the handover of the building to Trafford Council but before the official opening a few weeks later.

There were a number of challenges in the installation – including mounting a touchscreen on the end of a bookcase maintaining a neat & tidy cabling solution. In addition, a 32” Touchscreen was fixed onto a boxed pillar. MTS Live worked with the library team to ensure that the least amount of disruption to staff and users. This meant doing work in key areas at unsociable times and within tight timescales.

This also presented several logistical challenges with availability of parts and materials however, working with our key suppliers MTS Live ensured that everything was delivered on time.

A Fantastic Display

The installation was done within the required timescales and ready for the official opening of the library a few days after installation. All the solutions were fully tested & commissioned – with the MTS team doing a full training session and electronic handover documentation pack after the installation had been finished.

MTS were great. They listened to what we needed, put together a design that we were happy with and worked hard to make sure that everything got delivered on time and within our budget.

Simon Davis - Library & Support Manager, Trafford Council.

If you’re in the area, Altrincham library have a number of fantastic services and spaces for members of the public. You may just see some of MTS Live's installation too.

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