TRIB3 - Live Stream Studio Installation

TRIB3 Live Studio Installation
Photo Credit: TRIB3 Live - Hove & Co Photography

TRIB3 are a fitness brand with multiple training studios around the UK and the World, so there was a lot of excitement at MTS Live when we got the call to assist in the creation of a new TRIB3 Live studio. The TRIB3 team were looking to create a space that would allow them to offer live-streamed and online workout sessions to their customers.

The desire was to create a professional studio that was simple to use. This approach would allow the TRIB3 team to focus on ensuring the best experience for their customers without having to worry about the technical side of things. The studio also needed to be highly flexible whilst TRIB3 developed the concept, with a view to a permanent installation in their new HQ.

Live Streaming Mixer

The design was based around a Roland VR1-HD AV Mixer which provided simple control of the sound and video inputs. It lets users switch between video sources with the push of a button and easily adjust microphone and music levels. And this can all be done from the surface of the mixer without going into lots of hidden menus.

The VR1-HD can easily be connected to a laptop for simple integration into streaming services such as Zoom, YouTube and Vimeo. It is also compatible with numerous recording options which would allow all sessions to be archived.

Live Streaming Mixer

4K Ultra High Definition Camera

Every session had to look top quality to make sure that each TRIB3 customer received the best experience. The camera choice would play a major role in the video production quality, so MTS Live opted for a Panasonic 4K camera. This would capture the studio space in Ultra High Definition to give each session the professional look that's required.

Lighting For Video

The lighting design was a key aspect of creating a professional studio space. The Chauvet Professional P56-FC was the preferred fixture option as it is bright, virtually silent and has a controllable colour temperature, making it an ideal choice for a live streaming studio.

The hard light source added to the club-like live feel using a three-point lighting setup for good profiling and coverage. The design was complemented by twelve Chauvet Professional Epix Strip IP to frame the camera shot. Using the diffusion accessories and pixel mapping, dynamic variable effects are achievable across the fixtures 100 LEDs to suit each session. A simple user interface allows for static colours or ‘mix and match’ style effects; with simple speed control that can be adjusted as required.

The simple touch screen layout is self-explanatory with a great range of effects at the user's fingertips. This enables the trainers to easily set the mood depending on the workout session, adding in the layered effects as the session progresses.

Lighting for Camera

It All 'Worked Out' Great!

The finished result was a professional studio space with the additional lighting providing a real wow factor. We have since worked with TRIB3 on the AV installation for one of their fitness studios and hope our relationship continues to grow. Be sure to check out TRIB3 and book yourself onto some of their online sessions or even pop into your local TRIB3 fitness studio.

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